Saturday, 24 May 2008

The Brave Sir Douglas

My time at University is sadly coming to an end. And my next journey begins!

This is my final honours project; a book called The Brave Sir Douglas. It is the story of a Knights quest to rescue the fair maiden, but to do so he must get past the dragon and defeat the ogre. However as the story develops it becomes apparent that the Knight isn't all he seems and the lines between reality and fantasy start to crack.

Here are some of the pages:

The book was made as a new way to communicate how the world is seen by an abused child. They want to be happy and explore, but are punished by doing so, being made to feel scared, unsafe and unloved through no fault of their own.

This has been my biggest piece of work I have produced and also the most rewarding.

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ali graney said...

Neil there was an amazing dragon battle outside St.George's Hall on Saturday night, I thought of you! The dragons won as well, which was nice, the big one eat the knight that killed his son. I love happy endings, and I really like your trees ;)